To: H.E: The General Secretary Of The United Nations,

As your excellency is aware of the situation in Sudan, according to which, the Sudanese government had been condemned by the UN General Assembly in December 1992, for violating human rights in the Sudan. Also, in April 1997, the NIF/GOS regime was condemned by the UN commission for Human Rights, for the same reasons as well.

In spite of all this international condemnation, the Sudanese government is still continuing the same policy of violating human rights. The NIF government have never stopped sending students and youth to the war zone, without sufficient training, and even against their will and knowledge of their families. In addition, they have been used as a shield in front of the army to invenit mines.

Last month, the Sudanese government decided to send the teachers and civil servants to take part in the war. They have passed a resolution that those who refuse this order, will be imprisoned for three years !

Thus, the Sudanese government is responsible for violating the peace agreement, which was ready to be signed by all political parties, trade unions, representatives of the army and police and the Sudanese Women Union, except the National Islamic Front Party (NIF), who refused to sign that peace agreement and immediately, took power by a military coup in Sudan in June 1989.

They started the war again under a new slogan " The Holy Islamic Jihad". That is why the "International Criminal Court" in Rome, had accepted the case raised against Omar El-Bashir, the Head of State and Hassan Al-Turabi, speaker of the National Council in Sudan as criminals of war, by a group of Sudanese citizens in the United States and our Sudanese Committee in London.

On top of all that, the government started to produce chemical weapons, and to support terrorism locally and regionally. They committed a series of assassinations. The victims of which were students and youth from the Ailafoon Camp, trade union figures, political leaders. Furthermore, few days ago, they were involved in an assassination attempt to kill the outstanding leader: John Garang, president of the Sudanese People Liberation Movement and the member of the NDA leadership Council which represents the Sudanese opposition organization.

It was proved that the Sudanese embassy in Nairobi is behind the attempt. As you know, the Sudanese regime has previously made the same attempt to assassinate president: Husni Mubarak, Egyptian president, in Addis Ababa. Recently, its involvement in the bomb explosion of the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar Al-Salam.

Beside all this, the Sudanese children and people are dying of hunger, disease, torture and violations of their human rights.

For all the above mentioned crimes, we appeal to you, on behalf of our children, women, youth, students and all Sudanese people, asking your excellency to take immediate positive response and action to stop the violations of Human rights in Sudan and rescue the Sudanese people.

With many thanks and respect.


Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim
For The Sudanese Committee
London, United Kingdom
Fax: 44-171-603 8647