By: Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim

Since Sudanese women and men have been informed in the media about the issue of my membership in the NDA Leadership Council (NDALC), 
I am obliged to inform them about the details of the matter.

In the beginning, I highly appreciate the president and members of the NDA Leadership Council for the settlement made for the problem. The evidence was clear that I am a member of the NDALC as I did receive the invitation and tickets to attend the Asmara meeting in March 1998. My discussions were further minuted in that meeting. In addition, I have not violated the NDA Charter, neither have I insulted any of the NDA leaderships in the video tape that has been widely abused by the National Islamic Front to break the unity of the NDA and to assassinate my political career.

The NDA Charter does not nominate any particular person in name to rule the Sudan after the next transitional government. Besides, I have not spoken on behalf of the Communist Party or
the SPLM. I will not do that even if I were told to do so. I am in leadership of the Sudanese Women's Union whose protection from the influences of any party or government is my top priority.

All this motivated me to work hard to regain my membership in the NDALC. Moreover, the democracy for which the NDA has been specifically established for, means that everyone have the right to free expression, and that no one shall be deprived of any rights because of a political dispute.

Women are so unfairly underrepresented in all NDA delegates. I traveled to Asmara with a tremendous support from a great many women and men in London, a mandate issued by the Sudanese Women's Union inside the Sudan and Cairo, and Al-Tajamu Al-Nisswyi (The Women's Alliance) inside the Sudan.

When the meeting started in Asmara, the Leadership Council asked me from the very start to read a letter of apology that they have prepared for me ! According to their letter, I had to condemn myself for having violated the NDA Charter, having called for totalitarian rule, and having insulted some NDA parties !

I completely rejected the letter. Also, I refused the amendments they later made on it. When I felt that the handling of my issue took so much time, I presented to them the following resignation:


President and members of the NDALC,

" With lots of respect, It is very painful that I have become a source of delaying the agenda of your meetings at the time that our People are subjected to genocide as they are taken to the war zones. I hope that you give your time to the issue of practically moving fast to urge the world to salvage them. On my part, I've decided to stay away from the NDA for good and shall continue the struggle with the Sudanese women and men who are devoted to the cause of our People. I will inform the people of Sudan about the details of this meeting, with my respect to all of you.

I pray that the Lord guide us to preserve the interests of the masses of our People, especially the persecuted women. Let us hope to meet at al-Midan al-Sharqi (The Eastern Square) in the University of Khartoum so that you would know the opinion that the Sudanese People have on my humble person"

Signed: Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim
September 29th, 1998.

The moment the NDALC received this resignation,, they started to tackle the problem seriously. They agreed to write a letter without condemnation or humiliation. I entered the meeting and gave a short speech. I thanked the President and Members of the NDA-LC for the settlement they made for this problem which was
harmful to democracy. I explained to them that apologies are not conducted through dictation and instruction. Apologies spring up from the heart and willingness. I told them I have never known the fear from any rulers, including military ones. I have never involved myself in acts of hypocrisy for personal gains, money or rankings. I assured them my respect, to Mr President and to Mr al-Sadiq al-Mahadi, and all of them. I repeated that I have never violated the Charter and that the letter meant nothing, but that I read it in response to a request from the chairperson of the committee that investigated the issue of my membership in the NDALC.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Farouq Ahmed Adam came to ascertain his respect and said he was personally committed to send me the invitation and tickets for the next meeting. Again, he came to see me at the hotel to convey a verbal message from Mr Mohamed Osman Elmerghani assuring his personal respect to me and his obligating to send me the invitation and tickets to attend the next meeting.

My thanks and respect go to all of them. Finally, I highly appreciate the women and men who supported me financially by providing tickets as well as moral support. To all those who stood firmly to defend the legitimate rights of women and the protection of democracy and human rights.

Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim