Standing Against The NIF Criminal Acts ! 

By: Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim:

The Sudanese people are well known of their natural behavior toward democracy, and their tolerance and refusal to all forms of aggression or terrorism. In this way they were able to remove two military regimes, Aboud and Numeri by peaceful means.

This was the reason that led the NIF regime to use all kinds of aggression in order to continue in governing Sudan. It started with resumption of war in the South to sending of the youth and students to the holocaust of war, oppression, squads of living at the demonstrations, lashing of women, termination of service of thousands of laborers, using hunger, forceful immigration, spread of disease and lack of electricity and clean water in the capital Khartoum.

Added to all this, the regime started to terrorize the people by practicing dreadful deeds such as the individual killings, as an example the murder of a student in the faculty of law by another student from the same faculty belonging to the National Islamic Front elements.

These crimes are very tearful to our people and strange to our community. We feel that individual killings are more dangerous and so we call upon all our people in any location abroad to stand strongly against such criminal acts through memorandums, demonstrations and gatherings.

The crimes of this regime should be made known to the media. We must unite our efforts. We strongly call upon the international community represented in its political, parliamentary, labor associations and all regional and international media means to support the Sudanese people against this dreadful regime and isolate it regionally and internationally in order to put an end to the disastrous situation of the Sudanese people.

Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim

For: The Committee Against
the Violation of the rights
of Women, youth and students
London, The United Kingdom